"You have complete control of your audience and you make everyone feel as if you are performing, just for them."

M. Eisner

​Walt Disney Company.

"You were Spectacular. Thank you."

​L. Capel

Chicago Title Insurance Company

"What you do defies rational explanation, and quite frankly, I do not care to know.  I had such an enjoyable experience."

J. Fitschen

​Deutsche Bank

"Unbelieveable.  Absolutely Unbelievable!

M. Bay

THE ROCK, Director

"That was unbelievable! I loved it."

J. Ameli

Cisco Systems

"Tout à fait brillant!  Please do it, again!" 

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger

​"I am booking you for our annual meeting, indefinitely!"

J. Dattoli

​Perugina Brands of America.


"I will never see anything better than what I've just seen!"


​New York, NY.


J. Levine

Metropolitan Opera

"I never laughed so hard in my life."
P. Moyer

KNBC-TV Los Angeles

​"Your stories are very engaging.  You feel as if you are part of the magic happening before your eyes and our group was about 50 people!"

V. DiGiulio

​Universal Home Video

​"I was just thinking of a flavor, I didn't tell him and when asked to tell, he had that exact ice cream right in front of me, INSTANTLY!"

J. Smith

​Calabasas, CA

"A better magician, I will never see."

C. Reeve

​New York, NY.

"I don't want to know how you did that!  I do, but I don't. That was great!"

W. Glaubinger

Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass

​"You have the ability to take a room full of financial directors, responsible for billions of dollars-practically throwing one dollar bills at you just to see you change it into $100 in their hands."

P. Chow

​Bank of China

​"David has a presence that locks his every word, his every movement in your view and you cannot take your eyes off of him."

K. Battle

​Metropolitan Opera

"That was just fantastic.  Completely, Fantastic!"

A. Schwarzenegger

​Schatzi's on Main

​"He asked me to bring a deck of playing cards, used my deck  throughout his show and then tossed the deck back to me.  I thought I would spend the rest of my flight trying to figure out his tricks, but I'm afraid to touch my own deck!"

D. Wernham

Outlaw Management LTD, London

​"You actually read my mind."

J. Nicholson

​Los Angeles, CA

"I had to spend most of my day answering phone calls from my guests wanting to know if I was in on the magic you did.  I cannot convince them otherwise.  You have to come back and do it in another friend's home!"

F. Wilson

​Malibu, CA​


​"You are the magician you always expect when watching other magicians, except you're the real deal."

​​M. Greenberg

​New York, NY

​"My directors want to take lessons, Immediately!"

S. Marchionne

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

"We are all still baffled, but smiling and grateful for such a wonderful experience."

C. DiAluisio

San Juan Hills Golf Club

"You made a lot of people very happy, last night.  Myself included.  Thank you, very much, David."​

F. Neuwirth